Data Protection Policy

The following Data Protection Policy controls the treatment of personal data through the Internet website (hereinafter, the “Website”). This Policy belongs to the Legal Notice accessible at all times from the Website.

Personal data provided by the User through this Website, will be integrated to a file owned by El Ocho Licencias y Promociones, S.L. duly registered in the General Registry of Data Protection. The purpose of this database is the management of the Website user´s, including handling requests and inquiries made through the contact application empowered for that purpose.

User grants that the date provided is true, precise, complete and updated, being responsible of any damage or injury of any kind, direct or indirect, arising from the breach of such duty. In case the data provided belongs to a third party, the User grants that it has duly informed the mentioned third party of the aspects contain herein and obtain their approval to submit their information for the purposes specified.

User may exercise their rights of access, opposition, cancellation and/or opposition (ARCO rights) in the legal terms provided sending for that purpose a letter to: El Ocho, Paseo de Pintor Rosales 16, 1º Izquierda. 28008 Madrid; or mail to: indicating the mentioned application and attaching a personal ID.


Cookies Policy

The following Cookies Policy regulates the use of storage devices and data recovery through the website accessible via (hereinafter, the “Website”). The following Policy is an integral part of the Legal Notice accessible at all times from the Website.

On the first access to the Website, the User is well informed through a public banner, of the use of cookies and similar technology (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Cookies”), setting out the main purposes and concurrence of responsible third parties. In addition, User is well informed that in case of continuing using the site agrees on the use of cookies unless the User network configuration. Either way, User may modify anytime their network configuration according to their preferences.

Additionally, the network owner makes available to the User the Cookies Policy with the purpose to increase and further detail the information related to (i) what is a cookie, (ii) types of cookies used in the Website and (iii) how to execute the management of them, in accordance with the network details and the device used to browse the Website.

The current Cookies Policy will be always accessible through the link located in the Website.

For further information related to the Website, every User has available the following links:


Legal Notice

Data Protection Policy


 What are cookies?

Cookie is a small file with information related to numerous factors, for example, number of times the web has been used by the user, identify the registered user, it also grants a user login while browsing the website, enabled to make safe and secure operations, etc. Those files are storage in the User´s terminal, through its browser, and communicates with other websites in order to personalize the browsing in accordance with the information provided.

Along with the cookies, other technologies are also used, as for example, pixel tags that enables, through electronic pictures, usually with a very small size, elaborate views of the website or have access to the cookies. Pixel tags used do not contain, monitor or share personal data from the user having a purely analytic-consultative anonymously.


Cookies types

Hereinafter, we offer information about the types of cookies used in our website:


Depending on which entity controls it

According to the managing entity of the domain where the cookies are sent and treat the data obtain, we can distinguish:

Own cookies: those that are sent to the user´s terminal equipment from the domain and are managed by the El Ocho Licencias y Promociones S.L. as the web editor.

Third party cookies: those that are sent to the user´s terminal equipment from a domain or terminal not managed by the editor, but from other entity.


Depending of the term that are active in the terminal equipment

Session cookies: those cookies designed to gather and storage data while the user logs in the Website. As its name implies, these cookies are storage in their terminal until it finishes the browsing user´s session.

Persistent cookies: Those cookies, which the data keeps storage in the terminal and could be accessed and treated for a defined period by the cookie´s responsible, and it could be from some minutes to several years.


Depending on its purpose

Technical cookies: those cookies which allow the user the browsing through the Website and the usage of different options or available services; for example, control the traffic and communications of data, identify the user, access to the restricted areas, usage of User´s services, usage of security elements during the browsing, enable the assistance through instant messages, provide the hiring process and services provision, storage contents for the dissemination of videos or sound or share contents through the social networking (media)

Behavioral advertising Cookies: those cookies that enable the management, through the most efficient way possible, of the advertising space included in the Site. These cookies storage information about the User´s behavior obtained through the continuous observation in his browsing habits. This allows developing a specific profile to show the publicity in those terms. are using behavioral publicity cookies of Google Inc. (Adwords).

Analytic cookies: these cookies are designed and used for the tracking and analysis of the user´s behavior. These type of cookies offer the website owner measurement of the activity in the website through the aggregate information or statistics character. uses analytic cookies, session and persistent, for this purpose.

Preferences can be defined in respect of the use of these kind of cookies, analytic and publicity, throughout the following link:


In order to clarify the information facilitated below, a summary is shown:


Who use the cookies?

Information that is collected through the cookies downloaded in the domain is used by the website owner, Sites owner or Google Inc., as analytic and publicity service providers.


Cookies management

Taking into account the information provided through the mentioned Cookies Policy, subsequently, information is provided of how to deal with the management of the cookies used by through the different options that offered the most common browsers (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry).

Browsing configuration with the aim to avoid the installation of any cookie may affect the functioning of some Website features, as well as the contents display.

On a global basis, browsers offer the User the possibility to manage the cookies that is installed on the websites, as well as obtain information relative to the duration of them and the possibility to disconnect, restrict, block or erased the above.

User shall modify the configuration of the browser that uses in their device (computer, Smartphone or tablet). On general terms, browsers offer the following configuration options regarding the installation of cookies.

If the browser rejects all the cookies, and therefore, does not install any cookie of any website in the user´s terminal.

The browser warns the user before the installation of cookies, it happens in order for the user to decide whether it accepts the mentioned installation or not.

Browser only rejects the third party cookies of the website that are visited but not used by the website of the browsers users.

Navigation option in private mode implies that the cookies installed in the terminal are automatically deleted when the browsing in the web ends.

Below, it is shown the respective links to the information regarding the cookies management provided by the main browsers:

Internet Explorer (

Safari (

Chrome (

Firefox  (

Android (